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Re: lhg or any axie owner. pls advise

Subject: Re: lhg or any axie owner. pls advise
by longhairedgit on 3/1/2008 14:18:36

Unfortunately most fish medications are unsuitable for amphibian use, best way to avoid infection is to buy from disease free sources or run UV sterilisation. Given youd want to avoid as many saprolegnia strains as possible, make sure conditions are provided that will suit this "fungi" as little as possible, and that means plenty of oxygenation and gentle but constant water movement especially at substrate level, and stir things up regularly, and remove uneaten prey items before they get a chance to go fluffy. Be wary about leaving uneaten crickets and mealworms around especially, they tend to go fluffy within 24 hours.

Dont use salt, amphibians generally hate that and it will cause skin peeling. In the UK most meds that help amphibia are only available from vets, and fish meds will be of little use, but a small pot of povidone iodine for topical application with a cotton bud can be handy , just to paint onto lost digits and scratches they may pick up in the course of a lifetime.

People tend to assume because you will find amphibians in all sorts of mucky pools and puddles that you can back off on the hygiene a bit, but if anything the reverse is true.It can even be handy to run a small amount of carbon permanently, as when many amphibians become injured or distressed they can release toxins, and running carbon will prevent long term buildup. Frogs , toads and salamanders have killed even their own species with toxic releases under capture, and in a confined environment like an aquarium, its prudent to keep toxin levels low.

Even axolotols produce toxins that work very much like cyanides, especially on death, and one dead axo can kill the others in the same water. The toxin is neautralised by heat, indeed native peoples in the country of origin eat them, but they do cook them first.

Mmmmm, tastes like chicken ,lol. Actually it really is apparently supposed to taste like chicken. Lol how hard up do you have to be to eat an axolotol. Not my first choice for a fireside kebab.