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Re: My cray is pink and has shed again!!!!!!!

Subject: Re: My cray is pink and has shed again!!!!!!!
by longhairedgit on 14/12/2007 0:18:18

Yeah, you might have overdone the meat component of the diet a little, sound like his growth forced the slough, but he hadnt accrued enough calcites for the skin to form proper thickness and integrity. I used to get the same probs with cameroon shrimp, which frankly are a complete sod to feed properly in community. Id be tempted to put a weight on a small chunk of cuttlebone, and see if he'll take extra to catchup a bit of calcium. Concentrate more on the veg, avoiding veg high in oxylates, and use more of the crab pellets. See if you can track down some spiriluna sheets that they use with marine fish, he'll probably appreciate those.