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My cray is pink and has shed again!!!!!!!

Subject: My cray is pink and has shed again!!!!!!!
by kirmy on 13/12/2007 19:45:23

Ok guys brace yourselves for another paranoid onslaught! Idi Amin the psychotic blue cray (formally known as a series of alias's) has been off his food over the last week. Previously he went on the " destroy Kirstin's plants and drop a dress size by Xmas" diet and shed his shell (about a month ago).

Today I found his shell in the tank and bugger me if he isn't much larger than last week. However its pretty soon since the last moult and he is a really odd pinky color with no sign of blue at all. He isn't coming out of his mopani wood cave and hasn't been swining off the plants giving me menacing looks as usual.

I introduced coral gravel and snail shell hardener to the water a fortnight ago. The ph is 6.8 and steady the nitrate level is ummmm well zero...(yeh yeh I know but it really is) and the KH is 3, GH isless than 3. He lives alone in a 100lt tank that is well planted, has a filter an airstone, a good heater and lighting. He has blood worms on Monday, Flake food tuesday, peas,crab pellets and fresh meat. He is a spoilt and ungrateful crusty git.

I did a big water change three days ago because he wasn't eating and the blood worms looked feral. The water has been maturing for over 1.5 months now so basicaly I did a 50% change.

Hmmmmm. What is wrong with this picture peoples?