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Re: xenopus frogs with health issues

Subject: Re: xenopus frogs with health issues
by furiousferret on 8/12/2007 17:32:59

im glad i asked now.
im going to do the cricket thing and i have got reptomin but the dont like it. i suppose they would eat it if there was nothing else?
i had no idea there was a xenopus diet available and i will now actively be looking for it.

when i got the frogs i looked them up on the internet and the sites i looked at all said that i shouldnt be using airstones etc as the frogs are very sensitive to the 'noise'. they said that it would be like us trapped in a small room with a hammerdrill 24/7. but if you suggest its ok then i'll get one for them. is it true that they can take pieces of meat and/or dog meat chunks when their bigger? i would have thought it too rich, but the dealer told me thats what he fed his adult on.

the place i got the froglets from said they only needed bloodworm. i do give them earthworms as and when i do the gardening...

i was also giving them insects that came into the house, eg moths (never flies) daddy long legs etc but i was told not to by a shop as they are 'dirty'