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Re: xenopus frogs with health issues

Subject: Re: xenopus frogs with health issues
by furiousferret on 4/12/2007 19:54:52

got a bit of mystery white fish from the fish (food) shop and broke that up for them. the froglets seem to love it, they look like they've swallowed marbles! the big ones aren't that bothered. but then if they're not well then they wouldnt want to eat.

i know they love crickets, ive fed them crickets before and they will actually attack my hand in excitement! but getting crickets is a problem for me as is storing them (curious children + insecure box = disaster). but i do get them when i can.

i think they'll take the white mystery fish over time to suppliment the bloodworm. i tried brine shrimp and prawns but they didnt like them! so fussy! they will eat tropical flake but the size theyre getting this cant be sufficient for them.

the newts they live with are fat porkers as they do eat everything and spend their time hoovering the tank floor!