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Re: what catfish is this?

Subject: Re: what catfish is this?
by Wurzel on 23/11/2007 13:14:04

I ended up feeding him on sinking catfish pellets, not algae pellets tho as the ones i was using were very high in protein. I figured he was a bit of a preadator/omnivore after his tankmates got munched and if you look at his whiskers they point upwards AND downwards, a sure sign that he prefers to eat insects and small fish that are alive aswell as scavenging.
I also noticed that he wouldnt eat the flaked food and would actualy eat the excreament of other fish either from the bottom or straight from the other fish (ewww) i think this was because he could not feed from the surface and was probably desperate for a feed. The pellets sorted that out and once we got that right he no longer ate poo lol. when he got to about 7inches long my dad was given some caviar by work (god knows why), none of us liked it so i tried feeding it to him and he seemed to love it... expensive way to feed a catfish though lol.
Unfortunatly i cant remember the name of the pellets we used to feed him but i remember the pot was clear with an orange top and the pellets looked like tiny little trout pellets. i know that isnt too much help but if i remember what make they were ill let you know
Oh and i know this may sound a little risky but if all else fails try worms, i know mine liked them to.