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Re: what catfish is this?

Subject: Re: what catfish is this?
by Wurzel on 22/11/2007 9:34:34

I had one of these and im supprised nobody knows what they are concidering they seem to be appearing everywhere at the moment. Heres a link with some info on him....

Planet catfish

He is a Pseudobagrus fulvidraco or Tawny Dragon catfish i belive from china. I was sold one of these under the name 'tiger striped catfish' and was given completely the wrong info on him by the garden center that sold him to me and after a couple of years living in a tank he ate all the other fish in just ONE night. I think he got the munchies or something lol. Careful with where you home him because he will take on fish that are larger than him if he feels like it. Also try and home him in a tank that has very light gravel or sand as these cats LOVE to burrow so ive found.
If you could let me know where you got him because i realy want some more of these but i cant find them near me in london! Good luck with him!!!!