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Re: Carbon

Subject: Re: Carbon
by Goldy on 30/5/2004 12:49:23

slips I know what you mean about testing, there wasn't anything about the nitrogen cycle when I was a youngster either that I knew of. Anyway can I ask you a few questions so that I will be better able to help you. How long has your tank been set up for, and how many fish do you have "what type" etc, also did you cycle it before you put the fish in the tank or is it still going through its cycle at present, as you mentioned you were having trouble with the nitrite I would suggest to just keep doing regular part water changes about 20-25% every couple of days with declorinated water and the levels should come down.
I am not familiar with the moby dick filter is this your set up as it doesn't tell us much Im afraid: http://www.notcutts.co.uk/garden/promos/md-cold-starter.htm