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Re: Newbie Fish Keeper Needs Help With Ulcers

Subject: Re: Newbie Fish Keeper Needs Help With Ulcers
by marko on 9/9/2007 21:41:29

The exact results of my last water test are as follows.

Ammonia 0.0mg/l
Nitrite 0.0mg/l
Nitrate 0mg/l
ph 8.5 to 9.0 (bit hard to tell on the scale)

I don't know if the fish are showing signs of parasites, is this something I can look for on the fish in the water or should I net each on for a close look? The fish don't seem to be rubbing themselve on anything although some of them do swim around the water lilly stalks frequently. But I don't know if this is just normal behaviour. I haven't seen any of them flashing either, the only thing I've seen them do regually is chase each other round the water, when this happens the fish chasing will 'head butt' the belly of the fish they are chasing.