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Re: Newbie Fish Keeper Needs Help With Ulcers

Subject: Re: Newbie Fish Keeper Needs Help With Ulcers
by TetraLinz on 9/9/2007 21:01:36

Sorry, I'm not a pond expert, but I will try to help. First, we need some more information from you . . .

Can you give us the exact readings for ammonia and nitrite? Close to 0 isn't exactly the same as 0, and could be anything up to 0.25

How big is the pond?

Did you use any dechloronator when you filled the pond?

What was the last thing you added to the pond (fish, plants, etc) and how long ago did you add them?

Did you quarantine any new livestock before you added them to your pond?

The pH treatment. Would that be a pH adjuster? If so, don't use it - you'll only create more problems for yourself than you have already.