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Yellow lab holding

Subject: Yellow lab holding
by caggimedicine on 3/9/2007 14:38:12

Hi guys

Bit of advice needed here for a new cichlid keeper!

I noticed on 16th August that my yellow lab had a mouth full of eggs.... there's only her and one male in the tank. Anyway, i've just left her to it but was wondering what to do next.

Every day I have a look in her mouth (which is sometimes difficult as she's hiding around the rocks and plants most of the time) and i can now see little eyes looking out at me! Not sure if these are hatched babies or eyes looking out through the eggs!

She's lost a lot of weight and now is half the size of the father, who by the way is being very nasty towards her, chasing her away every time she plucks up the courage to come out from her hiding place. I've noticed her eating a small amount twice now since 16th, but that's it.

So - what I suppose i'm asking is.... what should I be doing now? Anything? Or just leave her to it.