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Re: furry slug type of thing

Subject: Re: furry slug type of thing
by thestripeycat on 22/8/2007 19:29:09

I have resigned myself to it being a pistol, but I just want to see it. I'm becomming obsessed!

I've looked at some clips of the pistol and the mantis on youtube (the mantis clips gave me nightmares) and the ones on there all come out.

I'll probably obsess less over this when I get some fish to watch. I only have a firefish to look at (theres a clown fish to but he only ever swims high up in a corner, so he's not much to watch). My poor Wrasse lept through of a tiny hole in the lighting unit and died. Even worse I was sat near the tank, wondering what the strange noise coming from the tank was. I though there was air bubble or something in the filter tube. The next day I noticed a terrible smell coming from the tank and notice the wrass wasn't about.

I found the poor thing baked in the light unit. I feel terrible that if I had investigated the noise more, I would have found and saved it.