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Re: crabs! well just the one actually

Subject: Re: crabs! well just the one actually
by Kaz980 on 10/8/2007 18:18:59

If I was you I would get rid of it, it sounds the same as the crabs I had in my tank. My LFS called them Red Eyes and said they would grow quite large and could easily take fish down, which I'm sure is what happened to my little Koran, it was found half eaten one morning. The LFS said they are wicked devils to have in your tank and should be removed asap. I took each piece of live rock out of the tank and poured soda water over it until I thought they were all out and then took them into my LFS who put them into their sump.
I did find the odd stray but fished them out by swiping out the rock they were on and shaking it furiously until the crab was to sick to hang on anymore..... It worked. Remove it, you may regret it later if you don't.