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Re: Pump keeps getting blocked.

Subject: Re: Pump keeps getting blocked.
by bromster on 28/7/2007 15:50:39

Ive had the same problem in my pond. The best thing to do is to put the pump on a brick and put the brick in some type of roofless box like you suggest. This is the best combination as you only get small collection of sluge at the bottom of the box and as you have raised the pump slightly it should not get clog up that quickly. When it does lift the box out and clean it and the pump filter.

My pond at the moment needs a good clean. If I dont use this method I have to unblock the filter about once a day. Thats a problem to me and often I have to switch the pump off at night. Using the box / brick idea the pump will last about 5 days before it needs a clean. Hope this helps.
I will add this to my website http://www.gardenfishpond.co.uk