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Re: Pump keeps getting blocked.

Subject: Re: Pump keeps getting blocked.
by TheDragonLord on 23/7/2007 19:15:50

weather loaches dont eat algae so wouldn't help

if you can block access to all the plants for a couple of weeks and avoid feeding the fish then the grass carp should start eating the blanket weed

if you get a large planting basket and place the pump inside it then it'll get blocked up instead so the pump ill stay clearer for longer, or you could make a complete surround for the pump then that would be better as the pump shouldn't clog at all, but that involves feeding the pipe through a tight fitting hole in the middle of one basket and then tieing the 2 baskets together with the plastic ties with the pump inside. water and bits of dirt will go through but the big clogging bits will just get stuck outside

if you can, rent a pond vac for a day and vac the bottom, it can only help really