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Pump keeps getting blocked.

Subject: Pump keeps getting blocked.
by Dale369 on 23/7/2007 10:09:59

I have an L shaped pond, with a Hozelock pump at the top powering the waterfall and another at the bottom powering the filter. The pump at the top rests against 2 sides and the floor and its sucking up all the algae which is getting trapped in the cage and reducing the water flow. I clean it out, and it works fine, but then it soon clogs up again.

I dont want to moved the pump to the centre as the pipe isnt long enough, so it would mean replacing it and it just looks silly having the pipe trailing into the middle.

I was thinking about building something like a box without a roof, so the pump would only draw water in from above. Can anyone think of anything I could use to do this, or any other ideas?