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Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.

Subject: Re: How did they do that? 100 years ago.
by paulgee on 22/6/2015 0:51:47

Why not a pond?

There are a few problems with that Post! It has been used as a pond for 70 years that I know of! The PH has remained consistent over the last 3 years along with other various tests so there is absolutely no impact whatsoever on the water condition.

actually it is the most stable and clear pond I have ever come across that is why I was so curios in the first place being concrete, it has a load of silt in it now primarily not being cleaned out for over 30 years and maybe from the roof but I think 30 years is good going without a clean out!

I think Your valid point in the post was the outlet pipe and I agree; the fact that it has never happened does not necessarily say that it will not but this is easily remedied with a grill of some description.

the new pond is huge in comparison and will cascade into the old pond there is a large circular water feature going in the old pond ?dipping pool? but some really small fish may find their way in there via the cascade if they do they will remain safe.

Could you explain exactly what is wrong with rain water?

The large pond receives gallons of rainwater over its surface in heavy falls and the piece of gutter that services this pond is off a small section of the roof, not all of it! So in a heavy fall it replaces about 10-15% maximum of the water in the dipping pool / Pond!

when testing there is no real radical difference to the pond at all with the % of rainwater.



2010 wrote:
As I said earlier it will be interesting to see what it looks like when empty..............................