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Re: Advice on best pond filtration

Subject: Re: Advice on best pond filtration
by CB3100 on 29/10/2014 23:30:31

If you want a decent filter for the size pond you have you would have to look into investing a decent ammount of money in a quite serious filteration system.

Im assuming you're keeping koi in the pond? This makes a big difference as koi produce larger volumes of waste compared to goldfish.

I personally find sponge filteration much more effective than the likes of nexus style filters and K1/bead media.

Pressurized units are great for smaller ponds but yours is slightly too large therefore I would be inclined to go for an OASE Screenmatic unit due to the ammount of room the benificial bacteria has to thrive in. If you have a read up on the unit about ease of maintainace etc (15 mins ish clean every 2-3 weeks without having to get your hands covered in ****)The units come in 3 sized 12,18, & 36. You would most likely want the 36 (It has 36 big blocks of sponge inside).

I would suggest for a pond your size in direct sunlight you would need at least 55 watts of UVC, that works out at 1W per 63 Gallons its recommended 1W to every 70Gal at the very max so 55W would manage the job.

Although not cheap an oase screenmatic 36 and bitron 55w UVC would have your pond spotless year round, with very little maintaining.

If you have anymore questions or need any help feel free to ask as much as you want.