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Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!

Subject: Fish problems, need help for inexperienced keeper!!
by Gateways on 15/9/2013 17:48:24

Hi All

I some problems in that a few of my pond fish appear to have some kind of health issues but I am unsure how best to help them and treat them.

We moved into our house in May and with it came a pond which was overgrown and had a mixture of brown and lemon goldfish and a young shubunkin. There was another goldfish which died quite soon after we moved in. I arranged to have the pond cleared by a local firm as I really wasn't sure what I would be doing and didn't want to affect the fish or numerous frogs who have also made the pond there home. We had approx 15 frogs of various sizes which were caught when the pond was cleared. I have attached a picture of the pond and the fish which died (Black fish with Orange patches).

Since then no more fish have been lost but over the week or so have noticed various problems with a few of the fish which range from ulcer looking things on their sides to the largest fish who appears to be losing his lips. I have also attached photo's of these.

I have tested the water over the last week and the readings appear to be fine, I will test it again tomorrow. Can anybody please advise what could be causing this and how best to treat the fish. I have purchased some Ponddoctor anti infection on advice from the local fish shop recently but am concerned about just putting this in the pond as I have read quite a few articles and postings on various sites advising against just dosing a pond. Any help would be greatly received as want to do the right thing!!

From the photos the fish with problems are a white lemon goldfish with what looks a bloody nose, an orange lemon goldfish with a lump on his side, a large brown goldfish with what looks like lip damage and a smaller brown goldfish with what looks like an ulcer on his side.

The pond is approx 200 gallons and the water readings on the 10th September were

PH 7.4
KH 8
GH 8
Amonia 0.1
Nitrite <0.01
Nitrate <0.5

I tested the water previously on the 2nd and there was no change and on the 20th August and the only differences were PH was 7.6 and Nitrate <1. I use a JBL test lab to take the readings.

The pond has not filter but does have a fountain attached to a pump which also takes water to a small secondary pool which then falls back to the pond via a stream and waterfall.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice which can be given.