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Re: Mirror Carp always on surface

Subject: Re: Mirror Carp always on surface
by Waterbug on 20/9/2013 6:14:48

finnipper covered it very well.

People love to give advice. People who have some basis for their advice won't mind explaining what they expect the salt to correct, which means they also can tell you all the details. But in most cases they're going to say "I heard it somewhere" or "it helps them" or other silly things that lets you know they have no idea. If they do have a theory and can explain it then at least you have some basis to make an informed decision.

I hope the people telling you to add salt warned you of the risks, explained the amount to add and for how long. Also hope you have a salt test kit, and have a way to dispose of the salty water safely, and don't have a problem doing the large water changes needed to reduce salt levels when the treatment is over.

There's no huge problem adding salt if done correctly. Fish can normally live thru it.

If you're adding salt only because someone said to, no additional info, you might consider what path that puts you on.

Interestingly the buoyancy issue could go away during the treatment...on it's own. But the salt will get the credit.