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Re: Office pond

Subject: Re: Office pond
by Onyxia on 2/6/2013 14:24:33

It is horribly overstocked but I can't really fix that so for now I'm just trying to mitigate the problems as best I can. I hope I can stop any more fish going in there but since the fish buyer is a lot higher in the company than me there is a limit to how far I can push this right now.

I don't have any photos but I would guestimate the pond is about 2.5m long x 0.5m deep x 0.75 meters at the widest point of the crescent. The filter is clearly undersized but both filter and power supply are concreted in so getting an additional filter will not be trivial. I haven't counted the number of fish but even not accounting for growth it is still ridiculously overstocked. The sterlet alone is about 30cm and presumably just a juvenile.