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Office pond

Subject: Office pond
by Onyxia on 1/6/2013 11:40:56

You may have noticed that Ive been a bit quiet recently. I have a new job keeping me busy! Unfortunately the office has a little courtyard with a pond which has been given the the apprentices to look after. Neither of them know anything about fishkeeping and every time theres another spate of deaths one of the directors just throws in a new batch.

I think I can stabilize it a bit just by doing proper maintenance and putting more media in the filter but I have a few questions:

Is an all in one pond food pellet ok for a mixture of coy and goldfish? It seems to be mostly wheatgerm and spirulina.

There is a large sterlet in there and it doesn't even try to compete for food. There is a lot of algae but would I be right to put in some veg for it as I do for my plecs?

Are there any plants that may help mitigate the overstocking issues but not be eaten by the carp/goldfish?