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by Lorraine101 on 14/6/2012 8:38:19

Good morning everyone, I'm running a Hozelock Easyclear 2500 in my pond and two weeks ago changed the UV lamp, since then its only worked for approx. one week so i'm looking to maybe keep that running as a filter but either add uv clarifier or something like a Hozelock Cyprio Triple Filter. Being a newbie i'm not sure which would suit my small pond better, to be honest i'm getting fed up with my pond already, its only been up and running just over a year and i've had nothing but trouble. I realise that being in full sun i was always going to have problems but the only thing that seems to love my pond is the Heron (yes its already cleared my pond once) and the plants. I only want to watch my fish in crystal clear water like most of us
Any advice would be very much appreciated