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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by ianbo on 6/1/2013 3:46:11

The black box filter I mentioned stood out to me because it is the smallest one with a built in uv.It would cost ?50 to buy that uv as a separate and it is neater when fitted to the filter.You could get a smaller filter box if you wanted but that would mean an extra cut in the pipework to fit an inline uv and you would have less filer capacity for about the same price. If you bought that filter it may be an idea to connect your neptune pump to the filter then measure the water flow output then you can gauge the size of your new pump.The only addition you may want is to put a fitting to the drain plug on the bottom of the filter to make it easier to drain sediment, these cost about ?15