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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by ianbo on 4/1/2013 20:10:44

If you are thinking of the kockney koi black box range the mega mk II seems a good choice . It is capable of filtering a koi pond of 4500 liters. It has an 11 Watt uv which should be fine as it is long and the water has longer to pass thrugh it. The minimum flow rate is 500 gal which is 2275 liter per hour. This means that if you put koi in your pond which you intend to then the total volume of your pond will be only slightly over the recomended once per hour.I know some people who circulate their water more than this with no adverse effects.I think this will give you realy good filteration

The next step up is the multibay type box filter which gradually filter through each chamber

Maybee wait for 2010 to give his thoughts on this filter

good luck