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Re: fish sick

Subject: Re: fish sick
by Jellybean on 28/9/2011 22:17:02


grayson wrote:
if something went wrong with the pond construction what test would show that? new concreate was laid and several layers of pond paint applied. thinking back, it was a struggle getting the pond paint to dry as was 2 weeks of bad rain (despite being covered)?? is there a way to test the pond infrastucture is ok??

No idea about the construction of the pond but if you used paint especially formulated for ponds it should be ok but wait for others advise.

Water readings should be Ammonia & NitrIte 0, NitrAte no higher than 50ppm ideally closer to 20ppm or less, to an extent this depends on your tap water nitrate too. NitrAte is the last stage of the nitrogen cycle and can only be kept in check with partial water changes.

Now: you will have to thin the ammonia and nitrite by doing daily partial water changes, not sure how easy this is going to be seeing as its a pond but you have to dilute the toxins. It will also help your fish if you can add air to the pond..again not sure how this will be achieved so wait for others to give advise.