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Re: fish sick

Subject: Re: fish sick
by Jellybean on 25/9/2011 22:32:29

Hi Grayson

Excess slime coat is produced to protect the fish if/when water is not suitable for them. It sounds like, too many fish too soon as violet has said.

Have a read through the link under my signature strip on the nitrogen cycle; this will explain more about water quality and the need for it.

A good water test kit is an essential piece of kit for any fish keeper, shops, 99% of the time will tell you your water is fine, for healthy happy fish you need to check this for yourself and your own piece of mind.

Oppsy..clashed with Noodle.

PS if you can get your water tested (ASAP) again at your LFS ask them to write the results down so you can check them on here.