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Re: Fishpond help

Subject: Re: Fishpond help
by Jellybean on 28/9/2011 15:42:24


rubadub wrote:
Just a quick comment on the filter. I have an Oase Filtoclear and I am assuming your Oase is something similar? For the Filtoclear, it does recommend regular cleaning (the manual says regular, a shop-added advice sheet specifically for that filter said weekly). Sorry if that contradicts what you said Jellybean.

No problem, its best to iron these things out to get it right. I only have a tank to refer to which doesn?t need the filter cleaning quite so often so i thought this could have been an issue.

Ammonia and NitrIte should be at 0 in a healthy tank/pond, this is taken care of by the filter which holds majority of nitrifying bacteria, nitrate being the last stage is kept under control (in a tank) by regular water changes.