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Re: Fishpond help

Subject: Re: Fishpond help
by rubadub on 28/9/2011 15:34:03

I am by no means an expert, so please don't take all this as hard fact!!

The air pump is all about aeration. Its not so much about bubbles in water, but all about agitating the surface of your pond. If your waterfall creates a lot of surface movement over the pond then you might be ok (I don't know how much is enough).

I added a cheap fountain last year to help aeration, and this year I have replaced it with a proper air pump. Its hard to tell if it has helped, but it certainly hasnt harmed the pond and the fish didn't seem at all phased with the hot weather this year. I am not sure whether I need to run it all year round though, once the fish start to slow down and the plants stop growing then I might turn it off.

The plants I have are:
Elodia Crispa (it grows fast, an oxygenating plant)
Water soldiers (the fish love swimming under them)
2 water lillies (the fish love the pads)
And a tall plant that I cant remember its name (it flowers nicely, no idea if its good for the pond)
Oh, and lots and lots of string algea. I have to take out handfulls of the stuff every week, its crazy stuff.

One thing about my pond is that it doesnt get a lot of direct sunlight, maybe 2 hours a day. Plenty of light otherwise, just not direct sunlight.

Hope that all helps!