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Re: Fishpond help

Subject: Re: Fishpond help
by rubadub on 28/9/2011 11:07:43

Just a quick comment on the filter. I have an Oase Filtoclear and I am assuming your Oase is something similar? For the Filtoclear, it does recommend regular cleaning (the manual says regular, a shop-added advice sheet specifically for that filter said weekly). Sorry if that contradicts what you said Jellybean. I clean mine every week and plenty of green sludge comes out every time. With these types of filters, they are very simple to clean and they automatically use the pond water to flush the filters.

As others have said, water quality is a likely suspect. A decent testing kit or the services of a LFS will help there.

If the fish are dying during hot weather then aeration may be the issue. Lots of agitation on the surface from e.g. a fountain, waterfall, airpump is a good thing. If you have too many oxygenating plants then they could cause problems during the hottest nights as they take oxygen OUT of the water during the night.

As Iain_clark has also said, check for any chemicals that might be getting into the pond. e.g. Any water that runs into your pond may contain chemicals from any treatments that have been applied to the lawn/garden. Paints/Sprays for fences can be deadly to fish too.