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Re: Fishpond help

Subject: Re: Fishpond help
by Jellybean on 25/9/2011 17:34:33


When you say you buy more Goldies in summer, just when do your fish die?

Im thinking the depth of the pond may be an issue; 50cm is not really enough depth to protect your fish over the harsh winter months, the deeper the pond the warmer the water stays at the bottom. Fish will stop eating when it gets cold as they go into semi hibernation which slows their system down and conserves energy until it warms up again, im thinking that they may be suffering whilst in hibernation because they don?t have the depth to retreat to which in turn could weaken their immune system.

Also, how do you clean your filter and how often?
Do you have your latest water reading for NitrIte?

I wouldn?t worry about the PH too much, goldies are very forgiving of this but it does seem to be quite high. If you stand a beaker of tap water for 24 hours to let the temporary gasses escape them take a PH reading this will give you an idea of what your pond should be or there abouts. If there is a big difference, is there something that could be raising the PH of the pond? such as edging stones maybe!