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Re: Pond Fish going crazy - please help!

Subject: Re: Pond Fish going crazy - please help!
by rubadub on 10/7/2011 18:24:31


Very sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope the fish are doing better now.

I am no expert so I don't want to add anything that might confuse you or make things worse, but one simple thing to consider at this time of year is the oxygen levels in your pond.

How does the water return from your filter into the pond? Is it via a waterfall or something similar that agitates the water surface a lot? That kind of setup helps with oxygen levels.

The symptoms that I saw last year for this were my fish gasping at the surface and dashing around in a stop-start kind of fashion. This was during the very hot days and nights last summer. At the time, I added an extra little fountain to help agitate the surface, and that seemed to help.

This year I have added a decent air pump and I haven't seen the issue again, and we have had some belting hot days this summer.

Good luck with your fish,