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Re: Best way to keep Herons away?

Subject: Re: Best way to keep Herons away?
by steve. on 2/6/2011 15:48:34

My mother and stepdad have a massive pond full of fish, they have a Heron in there almost every day sometimes two. You can tell when the Herons have been as they leave an oil slick on the water. The fish have plenty of places to hide and most survive, unfortunatly a few years ago a Heron managed to bring the KHV virus to the pond which killed loads of the fish.

This thread has already helped as one idea was to put netting on the pond, but I had not thought about frogs being able to get in and out of the pond. So thanks for pointing that out :)

One thing I was thinking about was wooden posts with thick rope draped between them, bit like the ropes you wait by at the cinema. but getting the perfect height would be pretty important.

I will try and get some photo's of the pond put here soon :)

Good luck with your pond too Ella