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Re: Ideal time to clean out the pond?

Subject: Re: Ideal time to clean out the pond?
by rubadub on 7/4/2011 13:39:17


I would say its ok, but my pond is just for goldfish and plants, and is frog free (probably because it is a raised pond), so I don't know about your frog spawn question.

It was definitely time for me to clean the pond last weekend.

I left my pond very full of plants over winter, and I have noticed over the last month that string algae was starting to over-run the pond so I had little choice but to clean it all out.

I removed a massive amount of string algae, and a huge chunk of Elodea Crispa (an oxygenator), and am now left with a pond where I can actually see the fish again

The water lilies are now starting to send out their new pads, and the arum lily is starting to shoot up leaves, so I am glad I have cleaned up before the growing got seriously underway.

We like pics of ponds here, so here is the nice clean pond (all of the right hand side was full of Elodea Crispa before the tidy up, and everything else was almost a green string algae soup!)

Resized Image

And here is proof of the benefit, a great view of the fish once again

Resized Image