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23 new (baby) fish for the pond!!

Subject: 23 new (baby) fish for the pond!!
by rubadub on 2/11/2010 15:36:58

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After seeing the fish exhibit spawning behavior this spring, I removed some of the hopefully egg covered pond plants from the pond and put them into an old bathtub so that any resulting fry would be saved from hungry mouths...

During the summer we only saw a few darting glimpses of fry, they really are good at hiding in the depths!

I wanted to keep the fry in the bathtub on their own for as long as possible, so they had the best chance of surviving, but winter was approaching so last weekend we decided to catch the fry and introduce them into the pond.

To cut a long story short, we caught 23 fry who are all now hiding very effectively in the main pond. I have even seen one dart around since, so the big fish definitely haven't managed to eat them all!

I've included a picture of all 23 of them. The container is around 12cm/5in wide if that helps give you a feel for just how small they are.

Ten of them look to be coloured/seethrough, the others are dark with silver bellies.

If even half of these make it through the winter and start to grow as fast as the other 12 fish in the pond, I will soon have to start thinking of making a new/bigger pond

There is still at least one fry left in the bathtub, the little blighters sure can hide!

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