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Re: Just bought a house with a pond - advice please!

Subject: Re: Just bought a house with a pond - advice please!
by rubadub on 26/8/2010 13:24:35

Hi Graham, welcome to FK

Your filter (TetraPond PF4000) and the pump supplying it need to be running all the time, exactly as Jellybean says.

If the fountain gets it's water from a different pump (or has its own pump built in) then you can turn that on and off to your liking. It helps increase aeration on hot days when the pond will need all the help it can get, but on a normal day it is not so important.

If there is plenty of mature, well established vegetation in the pond (including green "stuff" on the sides of the pond) then the fish will be fine foodwise for a good few days while you are away. You dont seem to have that many fish so they should be fine grazing the plants for a week.

The last time I was away I was tempted by some holiday "blocks" from the supermarket that dissolve slowly over time releasing food. I think my fish would have been fine without them.

The water testing kits are fine for ponds, and it is very important that you test regularly to catch any water quality changes as soon as possible. As the pond is new to you, and your filter has not been operational all the time, you need to keep a good eye on the Amonia/Nitrate/Nitrite levels while things settle down.

You don't need to replace water much unless you identify problems via your test kit, and any water you do add should be dechlorinated (there are various ways to do this to your tap water).

You will also need to regularly clean your filter. I need to clean mine weekly. Always clean your filter with pond water, never tap water. Don't replace the filter media, it will be full of bacteria etc that is vital to your pond's well being.

Hope that helps,
Rub-a-dub dub three fish in a tub.