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Re: Pics of the pond and fish

Subject: Re: Pics of the pond and fish
by rubadub on 6/9/2010 12:24:20

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

As for gravel, the gravel that you see was put in last August/September. The pond is almost 2m long, and I can easily see the gravel on the floor at the far end.

Just after setting up the pond and after I realized just how good the filter was at keeping the water clear, I decided I would try and treat the pond as an outdoor fish tank, i.e. nice and colorful and you can see the fish easily. To see the fish clearly (they were brown fry at the time, and I could never see them as they were well camouflaged with the green pond sides) I put down some white and coral colored aquarium grade gravel.

It works a treat. The pond looks interesting and the fish are easily visible. Any string algae or vegetation that starts to spread onto the gravel is easily spotted and removed. I have only had to do that twice though, and only on very small parts of the gravel.

As for harming the fish, I never really thought about that. I just figured that it was destined for a goldfish tank anyway, why not at the bottom of my pond

I also suspect that the constant and massive growth of string algae on the sides of the pond has been helping to suck out much of the nitrates and possibly stop the over-algaefication of the pond. Pretty much every month I take out buckets full of string algae.