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Re: Pics of the pond and fish

Subject: Re: Pics of the pond and fish
by rubadub on 6/7/2010 20:02:20

The pond is right next to a wooden panel fence, and the stripes you mention are I think the reflection of the fence in the water.

I always find it hard to take photos without the reflections spoiling the shot, the water is very clear and you can easily see the bottom of the opposite end of the pond (almost 3 meters away), but that never comes out in photos.

Resized Image

That is a full length shot of the pond. It has the latest addition of a very focused fountain that sprays water halfway over the pond to help aeration during the hot weather.

And for the complete picture, here is the pond when I first got it at the end of last summer.

Resized Image

It is a raised pond that I originally put a wall around but then had to move the pond because of other building work. The pond is now back to its original position but I will build a wooden wall around it instead of brick this time.

I am already thinking of adding a second higher pond that will cascade down into this one, where will this all stop!