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Re: new pond advice please!

Subject: Re: new pond advice please!
by Otter on 7/6/2010 21:16:51

when you say "transferring the media from the indoor tank" do you mean the gravel at the bottom?

No. I was thinking of bioballs, potscrubbers, matala, feather rock, lava, etc. There are a few types of DIY filter that would allow you to include aquarium gravel, but I would never throw it in the bottom of the pond. The problem with gravel in a pond is that it traps too much debris. And because you can't use a vacuum in a gravel pond, it's very difficult to clean. Even with pipes to draw water through the gravel, it's a bad idea. Don't do it.

What you could do, though, is put your gravel in a filter bag and stick it in the filter or perhaps under the waterfall until your new media is colonized.