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Re: Filter and pergolas!

Subject: Re: Filter and pergolas!
by BigKev on 22/9/2009 10:56:12

The Blagdon Minipond filter should be fine for a pond of that size. the built in UV is adequate, however, the Minipond pump isn't brilliant as it is not a waste handling pump. I would use a Hozelock Titan (actually I do).

Are you sure you have algae problems? Can you describe exactly what you see or even post pictures? A green tint can also be down to excess nutrients in the water. Take out a pint glass of water, if it looks totally clear, it's most likely the excess nutrients causing the green hue. A bacteria boost from Hydra Aqua clears that quickly (from experience). If there are very small particles, it may be down to the newness of the filter (at the time of writing, they have only been out a couple of months) as the foams are less efficient when new. They need to build up a little dirt before they are working at 100% efficiency. Again, Hydra Aqua do an extra fine electrostatic filter layer that you can use to boost the efficiency of the filter.

A pergola will help with the dreaded blanket weed. I have had no blanket weed since fitting mine. It will also keep Herons away. Not sure if it will help defend against a Heron that already knows of the pond's whereabouts though.

I would save the ?300 you have for a filter upgrade as I have found the Minipond to be a brilliant filter.