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Re: Ozonizer's ?

Subject: Re: Ozonizer's ?
by Otter on 6/9/2009 7:03:44

I have not tried ozone, but I did do some reading on the subject. Basically, there are two types of ozone systems. One adds only a small amount of ozone, probably won't have a noticeable effect unless your water quality is fairly good to begin with, and can be left on 24/7. All of the affordable options are in this category.

The other type is hideously expensive, much more powerful, and has the potential to kill your fish. These systems have a built in ORP meter, and turn on and off automatically. If something goes wrong with this control system, the ozone may become concentrated enough to bleach the gills of your fish. Even if the meter is working, you'll probably want a waterfall or something similar to help gas off any remaining ozone before the water returns to the pond. These more powerful ozone generators are the ones claimed to keep the water sterile. Whether or not that is a good thing is debatable.

Which type are you looking at?