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Re: New pond syndrome!

Subject: Re: New pond syndrome!
by BigKev on 22/9/2009 9:59:25

Sorry didn't post full results, but yes, you are right to assume that Ammonia and Nitrate are both zero. PH is 8.2.

I'm unable to move the fish elsewhere, so will monitor on a daily basis and carry out water changes as necessary.

I'm only feeding a tiny amount every couple of days. Water temp is down to 14C now, so they don't want a great amount anyway.

I double checked the test strips and noticed the scale. At the point they get even the slightest hint of colour there will be 10mg/l and a very light hue of purple 25g/l. Useless. The water would be highly toxic (as mine was) before you had a chance to notice - lesson learned in that respect.