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Re: My fish

Subject: Re: My fish
by Otter on 29/8/2009 9:59:32

Hi Adey. Your fish are hanging out under the waterfall because there isn't enough oxygen in the water. Get an air pump and put the diffuser or stone in the center of the pond. The bubbles won't actually add that much oxygen themselves. Most of the air just goes back to the atmosphere. But the turbulence where the bubbles leave the water works in a similar way to your waterfall, and most importantly, the rising bubbles will create a "doughnut" current that will draw oxygen depleted water to the surface and return oxygen enriched water to the depths.

Removing debris or sludge will also help, as the bacteria responsible for decomposition compete with the fish for O2.

Edit: Don't remove too much sludge at once, though. It holds toxic gasses that can kill your fish.