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Re: Hair Algae in Pond!

Subject: Re: Hair Algae in Pond!
by Otter on 4/8/2009 11:33:08


Just a quick query i do not have any blanket weed just a thick furry covering on the sides of the pond (the full depth and bottom) is this the beginning of blanket weed or is this just general algae growth i will always get?

i do have the odd bit of stuff that looks like hair so again is the the beginning or blanket weed?

If it looks like hair or filter floss, it's probably blanket weed.

I am due to get a new UV bulb in a month or so as well, do think it would be worth getting one and seeing if this may make a difference?

The UV won't do anything for attached algae except eliminate the competition. It only kills cells that actually go through the clarifier. If your water isn't green, save your money and replace the bulb on schedule. The UV will kill some blanketweed spores, but you could completely sterilize the pond, and if conditions were right for algae, it would colonize your pond from the air very quickly.

How is your current setup different from the trouble-free pond you had before?