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Re: How to clean a pond net?

Subject: Re: How to clean a pond net?
by Otter on 26/7/2009 14:05:28

I don't know what they use in shops, but a mild bleach solution would work. You'd want to rinse the net before using it, of course. Straight bleach would probably eat your net too quickly.

Isopropyl alchohol kills most things (including fish) and evaporates quickly leaving no residue.

Potassium permanganate will get a lot of things too, but I'm not sure if it would work for a quick dip, and I'm not sure if it would kill KHV.

The fish store clerks might just be using fresh water for the saltwater tanks, and salt water for the freshwater tanks. This won't actually sterilize the nets, but if they left the nets in for a while, it would kill quite a few parasites.

If you ask at the fish store, tell us what they say.