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Re: Hole in pond liner

Subject: Re: Hole in pond liner
by Otter on 29/10/2008 13:53:12

Chloesnan, you may not have a hole at all. Overflows are far more common with liner ponds than actual leaks. Holing the liner with a pond vac would take some doing, hence if you weren't aware of it at the time, you probably stepped on the rim of the pond and things shifted enough for the water to pour out over the liner in one spot. Look for wet soil just outside your pond. If you find nothing, find the top of the liner all the way around the pond, moving any rocks that obscure you view. Odds are good you'll find your problem there.

If you've got a waterfall, make sure you didn't inadvertently move something that's causing the water is now splashing out of the pond.

If it's not an overflow, it's probably the seal at the skimmer or filter. Check behind the liner at both locations. If it's more than just damp, you've found the leak.

If you really do have a hole in the liner, Fredrick's method is likely the only one that will work. You can try drops of milk, cream, or special leak-finding dyes, but these don't work well for small leaks.