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Re: Bloated Golden Orfe

Subject: Re: Bloated Golden Orfe
by Andy.Pyke on 20/9/2008 23:48:04

I'm feeding a handful of pellets twice daily during the summer (local aquatic centre brand containing wheat flour, soya bean flour, soya oil, fish meal and permitted EEC antitoxidant). I drop this to once daily as Autumn draws in then move to winter food later.

Have just bought new tablet testing kit, having been told the testing strips and liquid aren't accurate. Water condition today measured 8.0 pH, .01 Ammonia, 10 nitrate and 0 nitrite. Haven't tested for o2 having been told that having a separate water course with 2 small falls should provide enough.

A colleague from work who used to keep fish in his youth has suggested I soak the food before giving to the fish, is this a good idea?