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Re: Skimmer was installed seven different kinds of wrong. How do I fix this?

Subject: Re: Skimmer was installed seven different kinds of wrong. How do I fix this?
by Otter on 1/11/2007 1:02:09

Replace the liner with a new liner (i wouldnt put any joins/seams unless you can get it flat to seal it, which u say you cant??, unless you double sealed it using two strips of a repair tape)

Replacing the liner would involve moving some very large rocks. I'd need a lot of help, and probably a tractor for the big boulder in the center. Moving a smaller number of rocks, I might be able to flip the liner over backward enough to do a simple patch.

Take out the skimmer and inlet and replace the inlet so it doesnt have to go through the liner if thats possible, then just patch the holes up with a patch and a product called innotec.

I'm not sure what you mean... Do you mean put the skimmer inside the pond? If I was doing this from scratch, I'd probably do that. Why bother with seals if you don't have to? But the side of the pond opposite the waterfall is too shallow, and I want a current running across the pond. Now that you mention it, though, why do people build ponds with external skimmers?

The only other thing i can think of is to use innotec, which will cure under water, and seal around the skimmer and inlet for a quick fix and do a proper job next spring.

Innotec Adheseal looks interesting. Not sure if I can get that here in the States, though.

If I do try to reseal my current skimmer, my big worry is getting the machine screws through the existing holes in the liner before the sealant cures. When I dry fit the skimmer, this was incredibly fidly, and I really doubt I could do it in five minutes without messing up the bead of sealant.

One thought is to use sealant or some sort of glue to secure the liner to the weir plate with the screws in place. I'm not sure what problems this might create, though. Any thoughts on this?

The only other way I can think of is to patch the liner. But getting it flat might involve almost as much labor as putting in the new skimmer.

I have my missed anything at all?

If you have, the questions have become obsolete. Currently I'm thinking of replacing the skimmer and putting the new one a bit inward to get some slack in the liner. This solves most of my problems, but I wonder what sealant I should use. A couple people are telling me to use a polyurethane roof and flashing sealant instead of silicone. Any opinions?

Thanks for the help.