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New tank - Check my method please?

Subject: New tank - Check my method please?
by barryjarvis on 13/2/2014 13:53:57

Hi guys,

New around these salty parts so just wanted somebody to make sure my method is on track for a new tank i'm getting delivered tomorrow.

It's a Fluval Roma 200 with a sump system that my local shop have made for me.

So, it's being delivered tomorrow and here's what i'm planning:

1) Setup in location, fit pipes for sump etc
2) Make sure all electrical's (lights, pumps etc) work
3) Fill tank with water from LFS (via sump?)
4) I should now have a tank/sump with water cycling round
5) Live rock being delivered next weds - remove some water to allow for displacement and add live rock
6) Add sand
7) Top up water
8) Hope for the best :)

I know it would be nice to have the live rock going in with the water but as it's not being delivered until a few days later i figured i could use this time to make sure all is working as expected. My theory is that this will also give the water plenty of chance to get to temp etc.

The left over water that i have (from removing to add live rock) - can i keep that for future use or would i be best to get rid of that?

Any tips appreciated :)