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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by newbie on 23/3/2007 23:55:30

Have I killed my LR?

It was added into my new Orca on the 3rd March this year and it still has no sign of life, except for a few green shoots!

My SG was on the low side when the LR was added and my ph is still only 7.8 but rising slowly! Unfortunatly the LR was added in not-so-ideal water paramenters as my Refractometer delivery took loger than it should have!

As I have mentioned (and posted a pic of) on another thread, I have bubbles on the rock which I believe to be a good indication that there is life there but other than that - nothing! I hope that I have not killed my critters by being too hasty!

I must add that this is premium grade fijian cured rock from STM.